Case #101: My Heart Will Go On

Case #102: Intervention with the Eyebrow Monster

Case #103: Just Go Bowling

Case # 104: Miss Connecticut Comes for Tea

The Neighborhood Watch is always watching because a neighbor in need is a neighbor indeed! Taking "love thy neighbor as yourself" to the extreme! 

The new neighbor might just be walking perfection!  Josie needs to get her key, while Kimberly is looking up her socials and getting all the ugly feelings that come with comparison. This time, Kimberly is the neighbor in need. 

Watch Case #104 Miss Connecticut Comes for Tea

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Sarah Hernandez as Josie 

Christin Jezak as Kimberly 

Hillary Hawkins as Laurie 

Guest Starring: Mary Teichert as Jennifer

Producer, Writer, & Co-Director: Christin Jezak
Associate Producer: Anthony J. Sands
DP & Co-Director: Jonathan Stromberg
Editor & Script Supervisor: Melina Estrada
Additional Casting: Anne Yancey
1st AD: Karina Diaz
Production Manager: Kory Kast 
Sound Mixing: Bryce Paul Stephens