Artist and Contributing Artist

Christin Jezak
Creator, Performer, & Playwright

Christin performed Person-to-Person: A Mother Teresa Project for the Official Youth Festival of World Youth Day 08 in Sydney, Australia. She holds a M.A. in theatre from Villanova University, where she was seen in such plays as The Tempest, Urinetown, and Our Town.  In 2003, she started a ministry called Immaculate Art Ministries, which toured Massachusetts and beyond. She earned her B.A. in theatre from Bridgewater State College and was seen in such roles as Bella from Big Love and Berta from Pippin. She is represented commercially & theatrically by Angel City Talent and has been seen in Jimmy Kimmel sketches and a GrubHub Superbowl Commercial .  She is also a promised Pauline Cooperator.  She strives to do theatre, which inspires, uplifts, and stirs society.



Karah Britton
Performer & Playwright

Karah is a Los Angeles-based actress and comedian. She modeled as a kid from the age of 14 and would travel around the U.S. with her mom competing in children talent competitions. At age 15 she took lessons from an acting coach in Denver to study film and television acting. Graduated from the Metropolitan State University of Denver with a bachelor's degree in theatre and minor in journalism. After a year of saving up money and taking a trip alone to L.A. to find a place to live Karah made the big move to L.A. She use to work at The Falcon Theatre which is now The Garry Marshall Theatre and has some fond memories in the short time she worked there when Garry was still alive. Karah has since worked on the stage and in a number of film projects as well as commercials and online entertainment. She has a two woman comedy duo sketch group called, Unexpected Crowns with her comedy writing partner, Christin Jezak, where they express self love and positive thinking towards women through silly characters and situational comedy.

Nathaniel T. Jezak (Natey J)
Composer, Musician

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