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"This performance brings to life one of the most beloved saints of our time, 
keeping alive her message and her call to service. Christin's performance is 
a homage, but it is also a prayer in its sensitive message of love and its 
spiritual reminder that we are all called to change the world in which we 
~Fr. David Cregan, Villanova University, PA

“Unlike other plays about saints, this piece isn’t just a biography or the story of Mother Theresa but a meditation and a prayerful and playful gateway into her life, not only through Mother herself but by those whose lives she affected. It’s not just entertainment but a spiritual experience that manages to be funny, engaging, touching and contemplative all in just the right measure. The play gives the audience a unique and unforgettable evening with this modern day Mother of Mercy.” 

~Tony Sands, Senior Producer, Family Theater Productions

"A portrayal of what it truly means to be human--seeing Christ in each person. This is Mother Teresa's legacy.  Christin reaches down deep in the human psyche to grasp with brilliance and humor the power of grace at work." 

~Sr. Nancy Usselmann, FSP, Pauline Center for Media Studies

"Rarely have I seen a piece of theater reach out and connect to an audience
the way this piece does."
~Matthew Rohner, PA

"I absolutely loved the performance!! It was so light hearted and funny but
still gives you insight on how people like the homeless and disabled are
treated. The show is perfect for all ages!"
~Kristal Reis, MA

"Person-to-Person makes you rethink your interactions with those you
~Bryan Stewart (Independent Film Director/Producer), MA

"The Person to Person performance dramatically impacted our teens, leading
to discussions for weeks to come. It led perfectly into the next meeting
when we could apply Mother Teresa's philosophy to our own lives. This led
to skits about overlooked janitors in the hallway, forgotten classmates at
lunch and a desire to seek out the lost and forgotten. Thank you Christin!"
~Ann, Life Teen, VT

"At the conclusion of the performance, I simply wanted to remain silent to
savor the impact of its message. It touched me in the depth of my soul."
~Father George Harrison, Fall River Diocese, MA

"Person-to-Person has found a way to take Mother Teresa's message of selfless love into our imaginations. This unique character sketch of Mother Teresa explores the heart and soul of this saintly woman through the lens of the characters whom she touched. Christin Jezak's one-woman performance brings into our consciousness the nameless and faceless people in whom Mother Teresa saw Jesus."
~Claire McManus, Office of Faith Formation, Diocese of Fall River

“I think the show was life changing to truly see how people live and that Jesus is in every one is amazing- a must see”
~Kristen Taylor, PA

"As a parish priest, you are always looking for a way to reach out to people who are on the 'outside looking in'. That is certainly often the case with teens and young adults who have never really had a strong connection with their faith. You always pray for some type of experience that can really open their minds and hearts to the face of Jesus in their midst. These experiences are so crucial because they can reach people in such a way, that it allows the grace of God to move their hearts. That of course in turn will lead them to, please God, a deeper experience of Christ and a greater participation in the Sunday Eucharist. Having experienced Christin's performance for the first time last year, I was blown away by it. It engages your mind, your spirit and most especially your heart. I witnessed first hand the powerful impact it had on our school faculty and on another occasion with our middle school students. She has an amazing talent and I very much encourage you to prayerfully consider her wonderful and effective performance!”
~Fr. Dave Andrade, Diocese of Fall River

“Since seeing your show, when I talk to people-- including my teens-- about ministering to people I mention Frances.
I tell them that ministry isn't just taking care of street people and collecting for the homeless
that ministering is in the simple acts of kindness and inclusion we are all capable of all day long
teens need that message most sometimes, lunch rooms are brutal!”
~Maura Annette Chappelle, MA

"...the word that most describes your performance is dynamic because you grab the interest of the audience and bring them into the world of Calcutta and into the condition of the world - our world - in general. Really the physical poverty of India and the spiritual poverty of the west are captured in your depth of characters. The other thing I can say is that your performance is touching because even now a few years later, the girls still recall the night and how they were touched by your performance.”
“Dynamic and touching, and grace filled - that is what I think of when I think of your work.”
~Beth McCarthy, Girls About Prayer, PA

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